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3 in 1 Measuring Tape

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Looking for that perfect gift for the handy person in your life, or a gift for yourself to help complete your renovation? Take a look at these 3 in 1 measuring tapes.

Size: 8.5*8.2*5.6cm (3.35*3.23*2.2in)
Material: ABS+coated manganese steel tape
Battery Type: Two AAA batteries (not included)
Dust and splash proof: IP54
Tape measuring range: 0-5m
Minimum scale of tape measure: 1mm
Tape measure tape width: 19mm
Product number:
40m laser ranging + 5m tape measure + laser cross marking line
60m laser ranging + 5m tape measure + laser cross marking line


Three in one: 5m tape measure + 40m/60m laser ranging + laser reticle.
One-key ranging, high-definition digital display.
Environmental-grade TPR rubber-coated shell design, tough and wear-resistant, dust-proof design, long life.
Coated manganese steel tape: two scales (inch scale, metric scale.)
Self-locking device of ruler belt: ruler belt automatically locks the current measurement position, and automatically rebounds when unlocked.
Maximum 20 groups of data storage, easy to read.
Hook and rope design, easy to carry.

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