E-Bike Defender S
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E-Bike Defender S

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The DEFENDER-S is one of the most versatile electric mountain bikes. Designed to overcome all types of terrain and weather conditions, the on demand all-wheel drive provided by a 1000W dual motor does that and more. The DEFENDER-S is especially popular with campers, fishermen and hunters wanting to haul gear and game in and out of remote locations. One benefit with the DEFENDER-S dual motor system is that you can engage both to rip through difficult terrain or up a steep hill, then switch to one to conserve battery on mild terrain. The dual suspension and dual battery capacity of the DEFENDER-S gives it the specs to take on the most extreme trails even while pulling a trailer. Add in the ample treads of Kenda 4-inch fat tires and the DEFENDER-S is a true all wheel drive electric behemoth.  Manufacturer has been in business since 2010 producing top quality E-bikes and conversion kits.


DUAL MOTOR, DUAL SUSPENSION, DUAL BATTERY: A pair of 500 W front and rear hub-mounted motors give the DEFENDER-S a combined 1000W all wheel drive output and a max speed of 48 km/h that can defeat most trails and terrain. The front and rear motors are operated together at a central handlebar-mounted control able to engage front wheel drive, rear wheel drive and all-wheel drive with the press of a button. Dual suspension, with a 75mm travel RTS front fork with lockout and rear EXA Form 38 mm travel air spring, gives the DEFENDER-S the best Eunorau suspension to confidently beat trails with maximum comfort and control. Finally, the dual battery capability gives the DEFENDER-S that extra range needed for big trips and big jobs. 

FAT TIRE TRACTION: 26" * 4.0" Kenda Krusade Sport tires have a deep, spacious tread great for grabbing, draining and discharging loose terrain. These fat tires adapt expertly to snow, sand, mountain trails and cross-country trekking.

REMOVABLE BATTERY: Having a removable battery system is a game changer offering unmatched convenience when re-charging. With a simple twist of a key, remove the battery to charge. The standard 48V/14Ah lithium-ion battery can be upgraded to 17Ah for extended range. An optional second battery can be installed to double the battery capacity of the bike, up to 17Ah.

SHIFTING: With this Shimano ALIVIO 9-speed freewheel, a large cog benefits up-hill riding, while a smaller cog is best for high-speed riding. Speed can be easily adjusted with the pedal-assist system.

RELIABILITY: Eunorau-designed Hydraulic 180mm disc brakes are a more sensitive and efficient braking system compared to mechanical ones. When riding in harsh conditions, hydraulic brakes stop swiftly and can be relied upon to ensure your safety. Integrated with a motor cut-off sensor, braking is smooth and controlled. 

SUGGESTED RIDER HEIGHT: 160 cm – 193 cm (5’3” – 6’4”)

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