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Hypoallergenic Kinesiology Tape

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 We have partnered with an industry leader to bring you  a 5cm X 5M Kinesiology Tape - FDA Approved CE and ISO certified.  100% Latex Free,  Hypoallergenic Tape to help you and/or your patients recover from sports and muscle Injuries.

  • 100% Waterproof and Sweat Resistant - Our tape is made from premium quality cotton, making it extremely breathable and comfortable to wear.  Water resistant, fast drying, and will last through sweat.
  • Stretch - Our tape mimics the skin with bi-directional elasticity and stretch. Made of 97% cotton and 3% Spandex and stretchable up to 170%.  Unlike other tapes, our tape will enhance support, not restrict your range of motion.
  • Adhesion - Our tape has been certified by the FDA and has passed both CE and ISO certifications. Our tape uses a medical grade acrylic adhesive which is latex free. Adhesion is >5N, meaning it will stay on through showering, swimming and sweating. Our tape will stay on for up to 7 days.
  • Speeds Recovery and Improves Performance - Our tape improves blood flow to the underlying muscle, speeding up recovery time.  It decreases muscle fatigue, which allows you to keep going.  Applicable to sports, swimming, running, car accident injuries, etc.
*** Available for wholesale orders only at this time by contacting us***.