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Reusable Mask /Replacable 5 Layer Filter-Kids

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We have local stock available in Canada.  Please email us at sales@swinxlife.com for a price list (lower prices as we do not have to pay warehouse fees)  and available inventory.  We can offer discounted 1-2 day shipping and will provide a quote before filling your order. Do NOT place orders online as they will automatically be dispatched from our eastern partner warehouse.

If you are a clinical client - Physio, massage, chiropractor, medical, dental etc, please contact us for a price list of items we are awaiting in our local office. For reference, see our clinical section.

Protect yourselves and your loved ones with our reusable masks with replaceable 5 layer filters for kids.  With the global Covid-19 pandemic it is more important than ever to stay home.  Some people still need to work, others need to run out for necessities, but what about our kids.  We know its not always possible to leave them at home, so we have secured these masks are for the general public, who don’t need to change masks frequently and they are washable.  They also use a filter that can be changed as frequently as you want or used up to 3 days between changes.  Each mask comes with 10 filters.  We do carry replacement filters. 

The Orange, Black, Lt. Blue, Royal Blue, Green, Grey, Pink, Purple, and Yellow come with 1 filter.  Replacement filters are available.

These mask have shown to provide about the same protection as a 3 ply/ 3 layer mask.  Always try not to touch the front mask and then your face.  Remove the mask by the ear loops and wash your hands.

Compared to the N95 mask, they are easier to breath through, especially for those that have a difficult time breathing and fit a little snugger to the face.  Filters can be used up to 3 days between changes dependent on use.  We recommend changing daily if in high risk areas.


1. 100% Brand new and high quality.

2. Made of high quality pure cotton.

3. Comes with exhaust valve that offers better comfort.

4 .3D tailored basing on ergonomics, more fit to the face contour.

5. Built with filter inserted design (We suggest replacing the filter for the mask every 2~3 days)

6. High elasticity ear strap with adjustable lock, lets you extend or shorten the rope for optimal comfort.

7. Washable, can be repeatedly used.

8. Collapsible, put it inside your pocket and bring it anywhere


Note that quality filters will have 2 layers of melt-blown cloth making up 40% of the composition. This is the same as the middle layer of 3 ply mask, which give it the protecting properties. Our filters have this. Cheap Filters will not have melt-blown cloth.

First layer - non woven, non stick cloth
Second layer - high efficiency filter cloth( melt-blown)
Third layer - activated carbon cloth
Fourth layer -  a second high efficiency filter cloth (melt-blown)
Fifth layer - spun-bond cloth

***Note - We do not endorse taking a child out just because they have a mask.  If at all possible, leave them at home.***

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