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Twisting Leak Proof Tumbler

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Check out these unique lidless tumblers.

  • TWIST TOP LIDLESS DESIGN: Using a silicone membrane and a revolutionary design there is no lid to this new mug design. Instead, you simply twist the silicone membrane over the top of the mug and watch as the seal is formed.

  • LEAK PROOF & EVEN HOLDS A STRAW IN PLACE: The silicone membrane is adjustable leaving enough room for a straw to fit through the top. Simply put the straw in the opening and twist the membrane closed until the straw in the snug in place. With a new seal, there will be no liquid falling out of the mug.

1. Continuous insulation for 6 hours, can be heated in microwave.
2. Double wall design for hot and cold drinks.



  • Material: PVC. Made of environmentally friendly material, durable strong.

  •  Size of the pack: 16cm x 8cm x 7cm (6.30in x 3.15in x 2.76in).

  • Temperature resistance: -10-100 ℃.

  • Holds 300ml
  • Color: Yellow, Gray.

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