Cigar Humidor Upright
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Cigar Humidor Upright

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  • We have partnered with the supplier for this pull-out cigar humidor. The top of the cigar humidor is opened by pulling, which has changed the traditional clamshell humidor. Compared with the traditional clamshell method, the pulling method effectively reduces the humidity lost every time the cigar humidor is opened,and the sealing is better.
  • Standing glass window with 12 cigar slots inside, each cigar can be seen at a glance. When you want to load more cigars, you can remove the movable card slot inside, you can store more cigars. Note: As a display, you can store 12 cigars (length below 6IN, ring diameter below 60) When stored horizontally, remove the partition and store 20-25 cigars (cigars with length of 7.2IN or less are allowed).
  • Equipped with a special humidification strip, the humidification system can make your relative humidity within the range of 65% to 70%.
  • The entire humidor lining is made of real Spanish cedar solid wood, never anything else. This cigar humidor is a unique conversation starter and it is also an elegant gift.

  • **Order one today and we will donate $5.00 from every unit sold to the Canadian Cancer Society.  I lost a great friend to this awful disease and together with your help, we can help fund better treatment options and hopefully one day, a cure!**

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